Automotive Chip Shortage



You’ve likely heard news about the automotive chip shortage that’s hit all vehicle manufacturers around the world in the past year, making it a bit more difficult to find new cars. Why is there a chip shortage, and what does it mean for New Haven car-shoppers? Acura of Milford has the answers about the automotive chip shortage you need to know. 

A Bit About the Car Chip Shortage

Most electronic equipment we use in modern homes contain semiconductor chips. Your phone, washing machines, and your car all operate with them. The coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in people buying entertainment devices and appliances that use chips, and the supply wasn’t able to keep up with the demand. The automotive chip shortage has continued into this year, although there are signs of improvement. Acura of Milford is here to do the work to help you get the new car you need, despite the automotive chip shortage. We can also help you learn more about the car chip shortage and what you can expect when you’re car-shopping near Fairfield. 

Why Is There a Chip Shortage?

The pandemic uptick in appliance-shopping is just one factor in the car chip shortage. It’s taking a significant amount of time to produce a semiconductor chip under the best of circumstances. These chips, which measure five-hundredths of the size of a human hair, require an absolutely pristine lab environment to be properly produced. Factories weren’t able to have their full staff working due to Covid-related restrictions, making it more difficult to catch up on the automotive chip shortage. 

How is the Automotive Chip Shortage Affecting Vehicle Supplies?

The chip shortage has affected many industries, but the automotive industry has been the hardest hit. A new vehicle requires thousands of semiconductor chips, which has forced many manufacturers to suspend or limit production of their vehicles. The lack of vehicle supply with no change in demand has caused vehicle prices to increase. Even used vehicle prices have gone up by 20-30 percent. There is one benefit to this situation for Bridgeport shoppers: dealerships are offering more money for trade-ins

How Long Will the Chip Shortage Last?

While no one knows exactly how long the automotive chip shortage will last, we do know that the situation is improving, thanks to mass vaccinations that have made it possible for people to return to work. Chip production is returning to pre-pandemic levels in many places, which means more cars will be hitting showroom floors. 

Can I Still Buy a Car from Acura of Milford?

Of course! While we might not have quite as many vehicles in stock as in past years, we can still help you find the new Acura or used vehicle you want at a price that fits your budget. Just contact us to arrange a test drive or an appointment to trade in your vehicle.

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