When to Replace a Serpentine Belt

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How long does a serpentine belt last? Serpentine belts (commonly referred to as drive belts/accessory drive belts) are made of sturdy rubber material, so they can often last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles Knowing when to replace a serpentine belt can be tricky based on such a wide mileage range. Over time, exposure to heat and friction will break down the belt material, making it hard to pinpoint the exact time to replace the belt. So, turning to the service experts at Acura of Milford is the best way to find a reliable answer to the question “how long does a serpentine belt last?” If you think you’re due for a new belt, schedule service with our team today.

What Does a Serpentine Belt Do?

If you’re wondering when to replace a serpentine belt, it’s good to get a firm understanding of what it actually does. Our parts pros can tell you that the drive belt is a long, winding belt that sends power to the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning system. The belt needs to be in good shape to keep these systems powered out on the New Haven streets.

Signs It’s Time for Replacement

As you navigate the Fairfield roads, your serpentine belt will begin to crack, peel, slip, or fray. If you notice any of the following, you’re probably due for a replacement:

  • Squealing Noises: An odd squealing sound can be indicative of belt stretching, low tension, or a poor connection between the belt and pulley.
  • Wear and Tear: Visible signs of wear and tear. You may notice cracks, uneven wear, and more.
  • Systems Failure: If your power steering and/or air conditioning falters while driving through Bridgeport, your serpentine belt needs immediate attention.
  • Complete Breakdown: A total failure will result in a breakdown, which can be hazardous on the Milford streets.

What is a Belt Tensioner?

Modern serpentine belts feature self-controlled belt tensioners. With an internal spring and pulley system, they hold an appropriate amount of tension on the serpentine belt to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Belt tensioners are also great for holding belts in place, a loose belt can result in failure of the power steering, cooling system, and engine. Having your belt tensioner replaced when you get a new belt is a good idea to prevent mechanical failure.

Schedule Belt Service at Acura of Milford

Inspecting your serpentine belt from time to time can help prevent hazardous driving conditions and major repair costs. Avoiding the total failure of essential systems as you take on your daily commute is critical. Still unsure of “how long does a serpentine belt last?” Contact our service team for car care info. If you’re looking to save, explore our service coupons for affordable car care!

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