How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

2020 Acura RDX

Your tires are those vital body parts that keep your Acura driving smoothly on the New Haven roads. However, tires don’t last forever, and you’ll have to get them changed at some point. While you can’t avoid changing your tires, you can improve your tire’s overall lifespan with some simple DIY tips. Learn about how to make your tires last longer with Acura of Milford, and visit our service department for all of your Acura service and maintenance needs.

Causes of Tire Tread Wear

There is more than one cause of tire tread wear, and you can usually determine the cause by the tread type. Here are some different tread wear causes based on type of tread wear:

  • Inner & Outer Tread Wear: This type of tread wear is also known as “toe wear” and usually points to a tire misalignment.
  • Center Wear: If you see tire tread wear in the center of your tire, then your tire may be overinflated. You can consult your owner’s manual for the correct PSI amount.
  • Edge Wear: Edge wear usually indicates that your tires are underinflated. It’s important to ensure that your tire is properly inflated.
  • Cupping Wear: Diagonal scalloping of the tire, or cupping wear, usually points towards an issue with the suspension system.
  • Patchy Wear: Spread out tire wear spots might be caused by your tires being out of balance.

If you encounter any of these types of tire tread wear, schedule a visit with Acura of Milford to help you drive safely on the Fairfield roads.

Long Life Tire Tips

To help you get the most out of your tires on the Bridgeport roads, incorporate the following tips into your Acura vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule:

  • Check Your Tire Pressure: Tires can lose about a pound per square inch of tire pressure in a month, which is why it’s important to check your tires regularly to ensure they are up to their appropriate levels. Use your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS) to keep an eye on your tires. They can lose more air in the winter and gain more in the summer.
  • Rotate Your Tires: Especially if your Acura has AWD, then tires don’t wear evenly. Rotating the tires helps evenly distribute some of the wear and helps your tires last longer.
  • Get Your Tires Balanced – After your tires are rotated, make sure to have them balanced. If the weight is distributed to one wheel more than the other, this could also create uneven wear.
  • Check the Vehicle Alignment Twice Yearly – If your wheels are misaligned, they’ll wear out a lot faster. This is easy to notice as the steering wheel may shake. This can happen over time, or if you hit the edge of a curb or a pothole. Be sure to watch for the signs.

How Long Does a Spare Tire Last?

Sometimes, you need a spare tire to get you where you need to go if one of your tires goes flat. Knowing what type of spare tire you have will help you determine how long that spare tire will last:

    • Full-Size Spare Tire: This tire is safe to drive but isn’t the same brand as your other tires, so you’ll want to get it changed soon.
    • Donut Tire: You don’t want to drive on this for more than 70 miles, and you’ll want to stay under 50 mph.
    • Run-Flat Spare Tire: If your Acura has run-flat tires instead of a standard spare tire, then you’re good to drive on these for about 50 miles after the tire is punctured.

Check Your Tires at Acura of Milford

Now that you know how to make your tires last longer, you can get the most out of your Milford drives. When it’s time to change your tires, you can contact us to set up an appointment and get you back on the roads in no time!

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