How to Be Fuel-Efficient

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If you’re like most of our Fairfield customers, you don’t want to worry about going broke at the gas pump. At Acura of Milford, we don’t either. But did you know that there are several fuel-efficient driving habits you can adopt that will make visiting the pump less painful? That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide below on how to be fuel-efficient. We even answer the question, “How can you save fuel while driving on hills?” Let’s get started!

5 Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits You Can Adopt Today

Every New Haven driver who truly knows how to be fuel efficient displays these habits while driving. But, any driver can adopt these fuel-efficient driving habits that just may extend the life of their new car:

  1. Leave early. Beat the rush hour! Stop and go traffic is hard on your engine and uses much more gas. Some drivers can avoid rush hour entirely by leaving just fifteen minutes earlier.
  2. Lighten that lead foot. If we’re being honest, some of us may tend to exceed the speed limit from time to time, especially when we’re in a hurry. But that uses more gas, as well. Keeping your vehicle at a nice, consistent speed, while not exceeding 65 miles per hour (or the speed limit, whichever is lower), is the most fuel-efficient way to drive.
  3. Stop trying to break that 0-60 record. Accelerate gently and get up to speed gradually. Stomping on the gas pedal uses more fuel.
  4. Roll to a stop gradually. Give yourself time to come to a stop if it’s not an emergency. Slamming on the breaks right before you need to stop uses more fuel than is necessary.
  5. Keep those tires properly inflated. Tires that don’t have enough air in them causes the engine to work harder, using more gas. Proper inflation can actually make a difference to your gas mileage and you won’t have to replace your tires as often! Fortunately, there are plenty of gas stations in the Bridgeport area where you can fill the air in your tires.

How Can You Save Fuel While Driving on Hills?

So, how can you save fuel while driving on hills around Milford? It’s simple. Your car uses less gas when it is climbing slowly. And if the hill is steep, there’s really no need to press on the gas when going down. So, remember: slow going up, coast going down.

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