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Acura Oil Change Near New Haven

You can schedule an Acura MDX oil change in Milford CT at the Acura of Avon service department. When you don’t change the oil in your vehicle, nothing is absorbing the heat from the engine, pistons, and other components of the engine block. Additionally, old oil can also damage engine components. At Acura of Milford, you can keep up with this essential maintenance task to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly on the Fairfield streets for many years to come. Learn more about the Acura oil change and Acura oil change costs with Acura of Milford.

Why Do I Need An Acura Oil Change?

Engine oil performs a number of important functions:

  • Lubricates the engine
  • Absorbs the heat from the engine components and carries it away to avoid overheating
  • Minimizes friction created by engine components

Not having fresh oil to replace the old can also mean the pistons can weld themselves to the cylinders as the heat has nothing to absorb. Another issue is that the dirt and debris that has accumulated in the oil over time can cause the engine to not run as effectively, which can also lead to overheating. To prevent costly repairs down the road, regular oil changes are needed. We promise that the Acura oil change cost is far less than engine repairs.

How Long Does an Acura MDX Oil Change Take?

If you are performing an Acura oil change yourself, the time it takes can vary. To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to block off at least an hour of time. However, if it’s time to get an oil change, turning to Acura of Milford delivers the following benefits:

  • Our experienced service team and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to work on more cars than a generic auto shop.
  • In the past, it was recommended that your vehicle should have an oil change every 3,000 miles. With advances in vehicle technology, new vehicles need oil changes every 5,000 – 7,500 miles. In fact, some models can even go 10,000 miles between oil changes. Your owner’s manual should include the specific oil change interval for your particular make and model.
  • On our service specials page, you will often find oil change coupons that lower your Acura oil change cost.
  • Be sure to check and see if your vehicle requires synthetic or conventional oil. You can find this information in the owner’s manual for your vehicle as well. Synthetic oil is usually a bit more pricey, but it won’t affect the time required for an oil change.

Learn More About Acura Oil Changes at Acura of Milford

Learning what happens if you don’t get your oil changed can help you better care for your new vehicle. And when it comes time for an Acura oil change, keep Acura of Milford in mind. At our service center, you can trust our highly-skilled technicians to perform your oil change promptly and properly. You can set up your appointment today.

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