Exciting NSX Updates Just Announced

June 13th, 2017 by

Acura NSX exterior front view

The 2017 Acura NSX is already one of the most outrageous cars on the road thanks to its singular style and race-ready performance. But comments made by an Acura insider indicate that big changes could be coming for the NSX, transforming this model into something even more impressive and exciting. Get ready for a bold new version of the NSX, and find out what the current NSX drives like by visiting Acura of Milford.

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The Next NSX May Run on Future Fuel

The engineers and designers who work on the NSX have always been eager to embrace innovation and bold concepts. Honda’s head of research and development, Sekino Yosuke, recently told reporters that the next-generation of the NSX could be all electric.

Last year, the Acura team showed off an all-electric concept car at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition. Yosuke revealed that a version of that car is undergoing further testing and additional engineering with the hopes of putting it into production in the near future.

Performance Details

That is exciting news for drivers who love the thrill of the road, because that concept car was designed to deliver peak performance. Each wheel is powered by its own electric motor, and collectively they put out 1,000 hp. The car is also uniquely able to allow each wheel to accelerate or decelerate at will. Speed and power are not the only areas where this car excels, however. Since the design is all-electric, it requires no gas at all and can travel around 200 miles with fully charged batteries.

There is still a lot about this model that has to be improved and refined before it’s entered into production. Experts estimate that 2023 is the earliest we could expect to see this car on the road in whatever form it finally takes.

Experience Acura Performance in Milford

Part of why the all-electric NSX is not expected anytime soon is because the model underwent a complete redesign in 2016 – that is why the NSX currently for sale at Acura of Milford looks so fresh and current. Make the short drive from Stratford or West Hartford to take it for a test drive and we feel confident you’ll be impressed. Luckily, we make financing easy and offer customers a wide range of perks. Please contact us if you have any questions.