The luxurious Acura brand has gained fans across the globe for its stylish designs, high-tech features, and impressive performance – but how much do you know about this world-renowned company? Many customers visit from New Haven and Fairfield wondering just who makes Acura and where is Acura made. You might just be surprised at the answer! Let’s dive deeper into the background of Acura:

Who Owns Acura?

While Acura is its own unique brand, the company falls under the parent brand of Honda. Acura was originally known as Channel II, launched in 1986 as an international luxury brand. Over time, it grew its popularity all over the world – including right here in Bridgeport! As demand grew and grew, the Acura brand expanded and introduced even more luxury offerings to the world. The result is a luxury lineup just as well-known as its parent company with no signs of slowing down.

Where is Acura Made?

Acura may be an international powerhouse, many models and components are manufactured closer than you might expect. Most of the most popular Acura models are made in North America. In fact, Acura has strong roots in the Midwest. Ohio has four production plants in East Liberty, Anna, and Russells Point. However, the largest production comes out of the Marysville plant. Marysville is also the home of the Acura performance manufacturing center, which is the home of the Acura NSX supercar. Each plant contributes different components to the Acura brand:

  • Marysville: ILX, TLX, NSX
  • East Liberty: RDX, MDX
  • Anna: Engine and drivetrain components
  • Russells Point: Transmissions, drivetrains, and other components

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Now that you know who owns Acura and where is Acura made, why not experience the high-quality performance up close at Acura of Milford? Visit our dealership in Milford to get behind the wheel with our experts. Whether you’re in the market for a 2020 Acura ILX or a 2020 Acura TLX, our team can introduce you to all the highlights during a test drive including the Acura 0-60 times. You can even learn how to keep your luxury model in top shape with Acura A1 service and B serviceContact us for more information about your test drive or feel free to drop by our dealership to see our new vehicles and used models in person.

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