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What is AcuraLink?

For Fairfield drivers who are looking to upgrade their daily Bridgeport commute, can do so with the AcuraLink connect. What is AcuraLink? AcuraLink is an app found in several new Acura models that you can download in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The AcuraLink app is equipped with several innovative technologies to deliver endless convenience features. Learn more about AcuraLink connect with Acura of Milford in Milford.

What is AcuraLink Safety Features? 

AcuraLink connect keeps your safety in mind on those New Haven streets. Here are a few AcuraLink safety features: 

  • Roadside Assistance: With a touch of a button, you can have 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • Emergency Call: Live agents can be requested and send you help whenever you have an emergency.
  • Automatic Collision Notification: If you’ve been involved in a collision, a live agent will call or connect with you to make sure you and your passengers are safe.
  • Personal Data Wipe: Feel free to restart your navigation in default mode to refresh. 

What is AcuraLink Car Connectivity?

AcuraLink connects you to your vehicle so that you’re able to use the AcuraLink app on your phone. Here are a few ways AcuraLinks connects back to you: 

  • Security Alarm
  • Destination By Voice
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator
  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • Find My Car
  • Remote Start & Stop
  • Speed Alert
  • Geofence Alert

AcuraLink Additional Details

  • Dashboard: The dashboard clearly and easily displays the mileage, oil condition, and fuel of your Acura. 
  • Vehicle Health Report: Each month you can receive a Vehicle Health Report of your Acura in your inbox. This can help you keep track of your vehicle’s performance and what condition it is in. Make sure you learn how to keep your Acura in the best shape
  • Send Destination: Through this feature, you’re able to plan your destination on your smartphone then send any directions to your Acura navigation system. This will provide you with a hands-free experience while you drive.
  • Last Mile: AcuraLink is able to provide you with walking directions to any of your destinations without a problem. 

Explore AcuraLink at Acura of Milford 

Now that you know what AcuraLink is and how AcuraLink connects to your phone and your vehicle, now it’s time to decide which accessories you’ll also add to make your Acura fit you even more! Contact us for more information on our new vehicle specials

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